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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  April 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm tori campbell in the past hour oakland police and u.s. marshals announced major arrests head right here in the bay area from a nationwide sweep called operation violence reduction. we are there live now. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. this is a major operation that we just learned about it it is already over be a result of
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this is that 137 people who were wanted are now behind bars. nearly half of that number were people wanted in oakland alone. this press conference was held within the past hour. we were told that operation violence reduction focused on seven cities throughout the u.s.. we are talking about baltimore and new orleans. we are talking about oakland, richmond and antioch and down south to monterey county. we are told that this operation targeted gang members, murders, drug dealers. the most significant was the arrest of alex davis. he was wanted in connection with the arrest of pierce. she was skilled bay stray bullet as she was rushing children into her home. davis was arrested at his home in richmond. in oakland total we are talking
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about 60 people that were wanted who are now behind bars. >> the police department resources are stretched thin. so to be assisted and locating these individuals is absoluteliensable. we would not be successful without that. >> reporter: and aside from oakland this operation focused on other bay area cities. carter was a sex offender suspect who was escaped from santa clara county. he went on the run. we are told officials tracked him from san jose to reno. it is another one of their notable cases. 137 arrests within the northern california districts.
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this whole operation netted some 7000 arrests. a major operation taking down drug dealers, gang members, murders and police say that this work is not over. they are working on another operation as well. small for scale but anything helps and they are working to bring ease bad guys off of the streets. >> yeah, a lot of bad guys behind bars right now. thank you. a san francisco fire fighter is being treated at the hospital. he was rushed there after suffering some kind of medical emergency at the department's training facility. it is not clear if he was injured but he is in serious condition. we are waiting for more details. once investigators have determined what happened and we'll bring you details as soon as we get them. they are investigating a shooting that left a woman injured after she used a car to
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ram into an under cover officer's car. it happened in east oakland. it happened as officers were conducting an investigation there. that's when the officers saw a woman driving a man in a car that had been reported stolen and tried to pull the driver over. she reportedly then tried to take off hitting several parked cars, a fence and rammed an under cover officer's car. the woman was injured and taken to the hospital. the passenger was interviewed by police. temperatures are warming up around the bay area. mark is there with how hot we can expect it today. >> yeah. we'll have lots of 80s across parts of the bay area this afternoon. if you stepped outside you know it's warm. we have a dry wind in place. the offshore flow reporting dry areas. there is the headlines.
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we know it is warmer today. gusty winds especially for the higher terrain moving in from the north and from the east. when we get an offshore flow like this it's happening right new. let's come in closer. we'll take a look at widespread 0s. santa rosa 77 degrees. walnut creek 74. san francisco downtown, just beautiful at 71. look at the half-moon bay temperature. into the afternoon hours we will have more sunshine and pretty warm temperatures. the 80s will resurface as you can see by 2:00 or 3:00. coming up we'll take a look at the forecast highs in your neighborhood and the changes upcoming for the weekend. >> all right. thank you. we have breaking news where bart is confirming the death of a person on the tracks. here is is a live look from the civic center station. the deadly incident happened at civic center just after 10:00
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this morning. right now trains are running through the station without stopping. delays are estimated at 40 minutes. the agency urging people to take muny through the city for the time being. a grease fire spread throughout that restaurant. it is on waste capitol expressway. firefighters arrived around 8:30 this morning. it started as a grease fire. officials say the sprinkler system did turn on but the flames were too intense. firefighters say the front of the restaurant is okay. there is damage to the roof and back kitchen. an arson investigator. the fire started just before 7:30 at the home on story road. one man was able to get out of the burning house and call 911 but another man was trapped inside. firefighters found his body in a back bedroom. neighbors say they could not
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hear any smoke alarms doing off. >> i just went home last night. i just made sure everything in my house was safe. i have fire extinguishers. i have three boys at home. i have to make sure my house is safe. it was so close to my house i thank god my house didn't catch fire and thank god no one got hurt trying to help >> the owner is a retired police officer who rented out some of the rooms. san jose ared a man for drunk driving and vehicular manslaughter after a car overturned on a train track killing two people inside. it happened on the vta track at north capital avenue. five people were inside the car when it crashed. two people died at the scene and three others were rushed to the hospital. police arrested 23-year-old
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christian clennan on drunk driving charges. the tracks were cleared around 3:30. no damage so the morning commute was not impacted. they are ding it in a very public way. more than 100 prominent catholics took out a full page ad. the group wants pope francis to replace him. this is following months over the conservative church doctrine. the 100 signers disagree. >> it would not surprise me if the archbishop would who have
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built and nurtured and supported his schools. >> unfortunately he had control of a lot of appointments of the united states. he picked partnership people of their own image and likeness. >> some say this archbishop asked them to sign a morality clause. san francisco now has a new state of the art in the mission bay neighborhood. the $243 million public safety facility officially opened about an hour ago. it includes a police and fire station. it is not far from at&t park. the police department tells us heavy traffic in the area will not interfere with officers responding to emergencies however it is causing some concern for neighbors who say traffic will present a challenge for emergency vehicles. >> when there's a game day
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traffic is bumper to bumper. if there's an emergency i really don't think they could get out. all of this is back to back. >> they are exploring options. it is on a flight from san francisco to d.c . it is an opportunity to see the world war ii memorial. >> brothers bill and dick abbot say they have seen it all except the world war ii memorial. >> i have been there and got married there years ago. i am very excited to see all of the memorials. >> thanks to an organization called honor flight the brothers and about two dozen will be able to see the memorial created in their honor, a trip that would
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normally cost 1200 dollars is free for our heros, flights meals, hotel all included. >> i'm very proud. i have seen most of the memorials back there. >> this morning the veterans gathered at terminal 2 before their flight catching up on old memories gone by. >> i am enlisted in san francisco. i was attached to the battleship. >> and heavy emotions they expect to have when they arrive. >> the main thing is all of the people didn't make it back. it's like the lone sailor you right now. you think of all of the guys that went out to see and didn't make it back. >> yeah. >> honor flight is a national organization but has several
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chapters throughout the country. so this is their first honor flight for world war ii veterans. the group says they deserve the best and a little bit to honor service and sacrifice. >> maybe i wasn't too excited about it. i'm proud i was in the service and able to help my country and do my little part. >> reporter: they do plan on sending them around june or july and also plans to send korean war veterans as well. a search underway in oakland's rock ridge neighborhood after business owners say a local mascot was snatched off the street. golden state warriors are gearing up. we have more on what makes this year's team so special.
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a business owner is hoping someone knows who grabbed his dog right off the street. a man driving a black toyota camry took his dog winder from in front of anton salon.
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they say the little dog is a neighborhood mascot well known by anyone who passes by. the warriors wrapped up the best regular season in team history last night by knocking off the denver nuggets 133-126. [cheers and applause] >> and there's 3. he scores. >> another three pointer. they now head to the first roundover play offs this weekend at home against the new orleans pelicans. we sat down to talk about the season so far and what makes this team so good. >> this season has been just as life changing for clay thompson as it has for curry. when you're an all star for the
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first time you're suddenly introduced to a whole new fan base. >> i guess when you get the love of being an all star or whatever new territory comes with this. it is crazy. i think it's really cool. i can make a big impact. >> i remember whatever score it was they are humbled. they went a long way. >> reporter: all that sounds almost too good to be true. that's part of the dna of this group of warriors. >> that is the win especially be a lot of guys. they just want to win. they don't care about individual athletes or recognition. that comes when you win the whole thing. we feel like we have the ability to do that this year. can't look too far ahead but that's where we want to be at. >> reporter: this is a team that doesn't stress individual accomplishments they are full
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of guys capable of filling up the sheet. thompson can get in the zone like when he had 26 points in the second quarter on monday night or like back in january when he had an nba record 37 points in the third quarter on a way to a 52 point game. when thompson gets hot there's almost no such thing as a bad shot. >> especially when you get a couple of easy one. i focus on get ago few easy ones. >> reporter: this team expects a long play off run and the fact that the core group has been there should be a plus. >> a lot more physical of a game. we feel like we have the team built far. we play both sides and any type of style. >> the warriors win 67 games. >> the best record during the regular season box has already
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been checked by a warriors. next comes a goal going deep into the play offs bringing the worst nba championship in 40 years. ktvu fox 2. >> game one is saturday at oracle arena. games two is monday at oracle and three and four in new orleans and games five and seven if needed will be played in oakland. hey mark. >> good afternoon. the same weather pattern impacting southern california as well. here is our live camera looking out towards the golden gate bridge. a bit of chop on the bay waters. winds coming in out of the north and east. that's the warming direction. that has been happening all day long today. southern california in the 70s as well. reached the 80s from los
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angeles. redding in the mid-70s. talking about southern california they have pretty high fire danger. a fire weather warning in place until 5:00 p.m the low and gusty winds as well. we have dry conditions as well with the humidity around 10 to 20% across parts of the bay area. fire danger is elevated as well. lots of 70s out there. santa rosa 77. touching on the winds you could see that northeast wind here at 18 miles per hour. concord a wind gust up to 22. oakland winds gusting to 25 miles per hour at the airport. more wind reports here not as strong baa bit of a breeze. you get the gusts between 15 to 20 miles per hour. strongest winds all day long have been up in oakland hills. right now the most recent up to 44 miles per hour right around
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1400 feet. those winds are cranking up. hot thursday. temperatures today a good 10 to 15 degrees above average. still the gusty wind is a big part of our forecast. this area of high pressure clear skies offshore. the sinking air that he recollects is warming air. we noticed that impact for today and for this afternoon. there's the eventual temperature range. 70s to the coast. the only change. we'll have an on shore breeze. we'll begin to shave off a few degrees. it is friday into the weekend. lots of 80s expected for the inland neighborhoods. at&t park, baseball with arizona diamond backs in town. temperatures very mild at least in the upper 60s at first pitch right about 7:15. take a look at the forecast highs. lots of 80s out there for santa rosa and vacaville. they about 4 to 10 degrees from
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the current level we have out there. santa cruz is beautiful at 81. it is beautiful as well. i'm overusing the word beautiful in the upper 70s this afternoon. you can't take out the five day forecast. the pine more minor cooling trend continues. it's not here in the bay area. >> absolutely. we'll take rainy where. >> thank you, mark. the royal baby watch is officially underway. we'll show you measures the london
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for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of new shoes is a small but important gift. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train and they'll be given to a local foster child in need.
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party city stock jumped 20%. take ago live look the dow is currently up 2 and the nasdaq is down 2 and the s&p is flat. a record number of people used netflix to stream videos in the first quarter. they say it gained nearly 5 million user and revenue rose to over $1.5 billion. royal baby watch round two is now officially underway. parking is now suspended for the next few weeks. prince william and his wife announced they were expecting a sibling. the possible due date is april 25th. prince william is second in line making his children future heirs. the four white ben gal
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tigers go on display next week. some people got a special preview of the very active cubs. the quadruplets were born in january. it brings the birth of white tigers to 35. tonight we dig into the ktvu archives, operation baby lift. thousands of children evacuated from vietnam and came to the u.s. and many of those children came here to the bay area. tonight we follow up about life now and that incredible time. that's tonight on ktvu fox 2 news. thanks for making us your choice for news. you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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up next. >> on shoig. >> hello connecticut. the constitution state like you've never seen it before. >> first up south central. >> this isn't something that might happen or that could
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happen. this is something that is happening now. >> we're taking you inside a place that's fueling the future with green tech. >> plus, meet some high school students who are building it green. not to mention building their future careers while they're at it. >> i would love to do this type of work. it's really fun. it's easy. i like it. i like working hands on. >> and being a good neighbor isn't just about running a cup of sugar anymore. >> neighbor challenge. >> come on


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